Family Visitor Visa, Australian Sponsored Family Visitor Visa, Subclass 679

Family Visitor Visa

About Subclass 679

Family Visitor Visa issued by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department allows you to visit this country on a vacation or spend few days with friends and relatives. This is a sponsored visa type, the sponsorship of which is done by an eligible Australian relative or Government official of this country. The sponsor also stands guarantee that such a visa holder would be leaving Australian territory before the expiry of visa. A sponsor shares considerable responsibility in issuance of these visas.

Family Visa Subclass 679 is issued for going to Australia on holiday or visiting family members residing in this nation. Business trips or medical trips cannot be made on this visa. Applicants need to be outside Australian territory for being eligible for this Family Visitor visa. This visa is issued usually for a period of three or six months and in certain cases for a period of twelve months. This visa entitles you to tour Australia, visit relatives, and undertake short time study programs for a term of maximum three months.

Working of this Visa

It is necessary to find an Australian sponsor for this visa category. A separate application is to be filed for each member of a family planning to visit Australia. Applications are made by sponsors residing in Australia who also handle correspondences on behalf of applicants with Immigration and Citizenship Department. If a sponsor has already sponsored a candidate then he/she has to wait till its expiry before making a fresh sponsorship application. However a successive sponsorship may be made if both members belong to the same family.

To become an eligible sponsor you need to be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Australia settled for at least two years

In addition, you also need to belong to any of the following categories:

  • A kin such as parent, partner, child, sister, brother, grandchild, grandparent, uncle,
    aunt, nephew or niece. Adopted equivalents of these are equally eligible
  • A related member of family who is applying for Family Visitor Subclass 679 visa
  • Australian Parliament member at either Territory, State or Commonwealth levels
  • An authorised individual representing State, Territory, or Commonwealth government departments
  • Mayor of local government
Visa Validity

Family Visitor Visa is usually offered for a period of three months. In specific conditions validity may be for a period of twelve months. It is crucial to determine your period of stay under this visa type as you are allowed a single entry and extensions are forbidden. For subsequent visits separate sponsored visas are to be applied for. It is also possible to visit this country on a 'Tourist Visitor Australian Visa'. Sponsorship stays valid till you have left the shores of Australia or till visa expiry date in the event you are not travelling. It is not possible for a sponsor to withdraw sponsorship till such time a visa remains valid.

Security Bond

Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department may also request a security bond on selected cases. Normally these are demanded from applicants who fail to conform to visa prerequisites.

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