Higher Education Student Visa, Higher Education Sector, Subclass 573

You can no longer apply on subclass 573. It is closed for new applications from 1st July 2016. To extend your stay in Australia, you can apply for a student visa (subclass 500).
Schools Temporary Visa

About Subclass 573

Higher education student visa issued by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department is meant for overseas learners looking for a higher academic qualification. Applicants need this Australian visa for undergoing any of the following study courses:

  • Higher education diploma
  • Higher education advanced diploma
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
  • Graduate Certificate
  • Masters by coursework

You need to apply for this temporary student visa in case you are: i) immigrating to Australia for the first time to undergo a study course; ii) pursuing a subsequent study program; and iii) willing to join a member of your family who is already in this country as a student.

To renew this Higher Education visa from within Australia you already need to have a qualifying visa or must have held one such not more than four weeks (28 days) earlier to your making an application.

Empowerment of this Visa

This temporary Australia visa allows you and your dependents certain rights. As a primary visa applicant you
are entitled to:

  • Undergo an academic program in Australia leading to any of the degrees, diplomas, or certificates
    already mentioned
  • Work for forty hours a fortnight during study session and for unlimited hours in times of session breaks. However there are no restrictions to working hours in case you enrol for Masters or Doctoral study
  • Take an eligible or family dependent member to accompany

Your partner or dependent family member is also eligible to certain rights:

  • May take up a job of forty hours a fortnight as long as you are enrolled for a study program. However,
    no such restrictions are applicable for dependents if original applicant pursues a Doctoral or Masters
    Degree course
  • Take admission to a study course not extending beyond three months. In case your partner or dependent enrols for a course that goes beyond this period of three months, then he/she has to apply for a separate student visa. Such applications may be made while in Australia

Students travelling to Australia on Higher Education Student Visa must essentially be protected by OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the entire period of study. It may be noted that temporary Australian immigration is allowed till the expiry of OSHC. In the event, your student visa period expires before graduation; a separate Tourist Visa application may be made. Such applications should be accompanied by a letter to this effect from your educational institute with tentative graduation date mentioned.

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