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About Subclass 487

GSM skilled regional visa is for permanent residency of an immigrant who is already a holder of Subclass 475 (Regional Sponsored GSM Provisional Visa for workers) or 487 (Regional Sponsored Provisional Visa for students) visas. This comes as a second level Australian immigration visa and hence does not require an applicant to appear for evaluations as required in the first tier of verification. For instance, a fresh English evaluation is done away with while applying for GSM Subclass 887 Visa. To be eligible for this visa a candidate must have stayed in Australian regional Area/Designated Area for a minimum period of two years out of which twelve months must be spent in a full time job in an Australian regional area / designated area.

Holders of Australia immigration visa subclasses 489, 495, and 496 are also qualified to apply for GSM Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887.

Eligibility for this Visa

This visa being of successive category, you are assumed to have fulfilled the prerequisites
of the preceding type. You also must have:

  • Resided in a Regional Australian territory for two years
  • Worked for a minimum term of twelve months on full term basis
  • Complied to all preconditions of first tier immigration which was essentially provisional
    or temporary in nature
Powers of Subclass 887 Australian visa

Empowered with this visa you along with secondary applicants may stay permanently in Australia. As permanent residents you may:

  1. Work and dwell in this country as permanent residents
  2. Undertake any study program, vocational training from an institute of your choice
  3. Have access to social security benefits
  4. Receive medical benefits through PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) and Medicare
  5. Sponsor immigrants for permanent residency in this country
  6. Apply for Australian citizenship

From the date of issuance of this visa you are entitled to travel in and out of Australia for five years. It may be noted that even after expiry of this immigration order your permanent residency status remains unaffected. In case you intend to travel in and out of this country after expiry of this visa, a RRV (Resident Return Visa) may be obtained. RRV eligibility depends on your period of residence in Australia.

Application for GSM Visa Subclass 887

Visa application must be complete in all respect as per terms and conditions set by Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department. For faster assessment and processing of your application it is important to substantiate it by proper documentation. In case of insufficient documentary evidence it is crucial that you meet other prerequisites. It is advisable to adhere to 'application checklist' when applying, or else it is liable to be refused or delayed. Application may be made online also. For sending applications online it is essential to lodge supporting documents to e-Visa system directly.

Aussizz helps you in completing your application as per norms and directions set by Australian Immigration Department. Our professionals are very careful while making these applications since a slight mistake may even spoil an application totally.

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