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Our Products / Features

  • Assessment

    We are particular about assessments as they form the basis of procuring a visa. As a dutiful Australian migration agent we feel it is important to carry out each assessment with care and deliberation.

  • Visa Services

    After completing our assessment and counselling, we begin the actual visa processing service. Being an experienced Australian migration services facilitator filling up each application in its processing.

  • Consulting

    Applicants proceeding to Australia under GSM category are either job aspirants or professionals. A face to face consultation helps us in recognising your strengths in terms of professional skill and experience.

  • Other Related Services

    Before travelling to Australia, we acquaint you with rules of settling and studying in this country. We also extend pick up services and accommodation for new immigrants to this country on chargeable basis.

GSM Visa

Do you want to live and work in Australia?

This visa enables people to live and work in Australia on permanent or temporary basis.

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Student Visa

Do you want to study in Australia?

This visa enables people to study at an Australia school or university or vocational training institution.

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Employer Sponsored Visa

Australian company that needs to overseas employ?

This visa is for Australian employers looking to fill a position with an overseas candidate.

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Partner Visa

Do you want to live with your partner in Australia?

If you are married, engaged, or in a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen.

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Other Family Visa

Do you want to join your children in Australia?

If you have a child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

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Visitor Visa

Do you want to travel to Australia for a holiday or business trip?

This visa enables people to have a business trip or holiday in Australia.

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