Partner visa for Australia, Temporary Visa & Permanent Visa

About Partner Visa

At Aussizz we extend our facilitation services for Partner Visas also. This visa type entitles a spouse or partner to immigrate to Australia on a permanent basis. Australian Immigration authority in an effort to unite distanced partners has equipped itself with providing this visa type. This visa category is issued to partners of: i) permanent residents of Australia, ii) Australian citizens, and iii) eligible citizens of New Zealand.

Partner visa Australia is applicable for married partners, fiance/ fiancee, and partners by relationship including same sex relationships.

General eligibility conditions

Candidates applying for a partner visa must be aged 18 or above with your relationship meaningful and genuine. De facto and married couples must stay together and exhibit a committed association for one another. In the event of unmarried but engaged couples there must be enough evidence of genuine intent for marriage or accept each other as spouses. Documents supporting your statements might be required during visa interviews. These essentially are sponsored visas with the sponsorship being done by an Australian counterpart.

Applicants for spouse visa must satisfy either of the following pre-requisites:

  • Married to an Australian as per Australian law or valid under Australian law;
  • Staying in a de facto relationship to a permanent Australian resident or citizen for at least twelve months as on date of submission of visa;
  • Acquaintance to an Australian partner that supposedly matures to marriage, acceptable under law of land, at time of visa delivery.


Visa Processing

Partner visa processing under Australian Immigration regulations is done in two stages: temporary and permanent. A candidate is required to apply for both types though fee is collected for one. Initially, a temporary visa is issued with a validity of two years. During this temporary phase if relationship with your partner is found satisfactory and genuine a permanent spouse visa could be granted.


Application for such visas might be done from within Australia or outside. While applying for within Australia, you mandatorily must hold a substantive un-conditional visa. Further you should remain within Australia's territorial limits while being granted this visa.

Partner Visa Categories

Spouse visa Australia is categorised as: Partner Temporary Visa and Partner Permanent visa while in Australia; Partner Visa Temporary and Permanent Offshore Australia; Prospective Marriage Visa while in Australia; and Interdependency or Spouse Visa.

  • 1
  • Partner Permanent (subclass 801) and Temporary (subclass 820) Visas: Australia Inshore

    Subclass 820 visa enables you to enter or stay in this country on basis of your de facto relationship or marriage to your partner for a period of up to two years. After the expiry of two years, you might apply for a subclass 801 visa provided your marital relationship still exists. For either of these visa types, your Australian partner should be the sponsor.

  • 2
  • Partner Visa Temporary (subclass 309) and Permanent (subclass 100): Offshore Australia

    These two categories are specifically for candidates staying outside Australia seeking to stay with an Australian partner. Temporary visa: subclass 309 is issue for a period of two years beyond which a Permanent Subclass 100 visa is issued subject to your marital relationship. Sponsorship for these two subclasses are borne by your Australian partner.

  • 3
  • Prospective Marriage (Subclass 300)

    This Australian visa enables applicants to enter this country and marry their desired partners within nine months of visa issuance.

We at Aussizz carry out meticulous assessment of candidates planning to apply for partner visa for settling in Australia.

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