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About Subclass 187

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: Subclass 187 is a permanent visa belonging to Employer Sponsored category. This is similar to Employer Nomination Scheme visa except that it is applicable for companies working at a regional level within Australian territory. Australian employers looking for qualified professionals and skilled workers as permanent appointees apply for RSMS visa to immigration department of this country. Regional employers may either appoint fresh immigrants from overseas or nominate among temporary settlers in Australia.

Applicants for RSMS visas belong to any of the following three categories:

  • Direct entry immigrants who are either immigrating to this country for the first time or worked briefly earlier
  • Immigrants working and settled in Australia on Subclass 457 (temporary employer sponsored visa) for two years and looking for permanent residence and employment
  • Immigrants brought through Labour agreement that enables an Australian employer to nominate several skilled immigrants for filing up multiple vacancies.
Eligibility for RSMS Subclass 187 Visas

The preconditions for applying for this visa category are:

  • Candidates applying for this permanent type employer sponsored visa must be willing to work and settle in regional Australian territory that is sparsely populated. Areas such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, and the Gold Coast do not fall in this category
  • Must be lesser than fifty years of age
  • Meet English language requirements, and professional skills as demanded by the job
  • Must be necessarily nominated by a regional organization of this country, or a state or territorial government authority

However these prerequisites are not rigid and may be modified depending upon the skill, qualifications and experience of candidates. The final judgement always lies with the employer sending nomination and Australian immigration authority.

Working of this Visa

It is compulsory to get a nomination in order to apply for a Regional Sponsored Migration visa. Eligible candidates for inviting nomination may put up an 'expression of interest' to Australian immigration authority through its SkillSelect channel. Potential employers on seeing your profile may send in nominations for your candidature through immigration authorities.

However, you owe money to the government of this country, your nomination may not be accepted and your visa application nullified. Debts, if any must be cleared before putting up your profile in Skill Select.

Application Procedure

Once nominated, a candidate must make an online application for this permanent immigration visa within six months from date of approval. Care must be taken to apply only after your employer has put in a nomination. Selection of the correct stream is also important, as a wrong selection may lead to cancellation/refusal of application. After receiving your application, an officer is assigned by Australian immigration authority to monitor it. This officer collects necessary information, conducts interviews, assesses documents and thereafter takes a decision.

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