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About Subclass 186

Organizations based in Australia or operating out of this country are allowed to recruit skilled workers and qualified professionals on basis of employer sponsored visas. At Aussizz we facilitate visa processing on behalf of new immigrants deciding to take up employment in Australia. These visas are obtainable both on temporary and permanent basis. Usually employer visas are initially issued on temporary basis to be later converted to a permanent type. Visas issued under Employer Nomination Scheme: Subclass 186 is of the permanent type

To be eligible for an Employer Sponsored Visa, a nominated candidate must not be aged more than fifty years. They must meet a specified level of English language and match professional skills as demanded by their respective job profile.

Working of Visa Subclass 186

This visa is of Employer Sponsored category and specifically meant for hiring qualified professionals and highly trained workers on a permanent basis. Though there are certain pre-requisites pertaining to age, English language proficiency, and skills they are not very rigid. Exceptions may always be made depending on the discretion of your Australian employer, your work experience, and existing and expected salary levels.

Australian immigration authority offers a 'SkillSelect' channel whereby a willing immigrant may express his/ her interest of being nominated by an employer of this country. Once on SkillSelect your profile may be viewed and assessed by private organizations, state and territorial government departments. Subsequently, you may be nominated based on your profile.

In case an applicant is indebted to Australian Government, he/she stands ineligible for a permanent immigration visa till clearance of debts.

Features of ENS Visa: Subclass 186

Empowered with this visa an Australian employer may recruit accomplished professionals or workers from foreign shores for filling up vacancies. Temporary immigrants staying in this country may also be appointed under this scheme. Usually there are three categories of applicants for this immigration category:

  • Direct entry stream wherein applicants have either never worked earlier in Australia or worked for a brief period
  • Transition of temporary residents who immigrated to this country under Visa subclass 457 and already worked
    for two years with an Australian employer
  • Immigration through labour agreement wherein recruitments are done on a mass scale.
Application for ENS Visa

Once nominated you need to apply for this visa online within six months of approval. Ideally you should wait for approval of your nomination till application. An approved nomination enables you to select an appropriate application stream. It may be noted that an incorrect selection is liable to be cancelled.

After applying with requisite documents, you would be assigned a case officer by Australian immigration department. This officer is responsible for assessing your application, taking interviews, collect more information and consequently take decisions.

We at Aussizz facilitate processing all types of employer sponsored visas. We work as the perfect bridge between Australian companies and overseas skilled professionals thereby facilitating both. Such assessments need to be thorough and purposive, which we are adept in.

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