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Australia is a nation of opportunities. With a marvelous blend of natural beauty and technological advancement, the country is also a home to diverse cultures which co-exist with each other in peace and harmony. In recent years, Australia has thrown open its boundaries receiving migrants, students and visitors with great enthusiasm. While other countries are steadily tightening their migration laws, the Australian government continues to maintain leniency, allowing people from all over the world to move to the country and make it their home.

Aussizz Migration and Education Consultants was founded with the objective of encouraging Indians to make the best of the opportunities offered by Australia and assisting interested individuals in their visa process. Since 2009, we have been in operation in both India and Australia in manifold ways. Firstly we encourage Indians, especially students, to choose Australia for their studies and career and consequently make them consider settling down in the country.

We also help new Indian migrants in Australia feel at home by encouraging activities that help them in bonding with one another as well as with other various communities who live in the country. We hope to benefit Indians in their quest for success by showing them the wonderful prospects of migrating to Australia and at the same time also aim to make a substantial contribution to Australia by infusing the nation with an intelligent and enterprising community of students and migrants.

At Aussizz, we pay great attention to students who are seriously considering quality education to countries such as Australia, in search of a better life and prosperity. For us, students are not merely our target audience - we find a much deeper and more intimate relation with the community. Young students are at the threshold of a new life - full of dreams and aspirations, most are determined to carve a successful career and a name for themselves in the world. They are willing to broaden their horizons and seek out new avenues for professional and personal growth. Assisting students in their quest for self-actualization isn't merely a business venture for us, rather a personal commitment. Leaving aside conventional educational destinations such as UK and USA, more and more students are considering Australia as their study destination. The vibrant and multicultural nation offers quality education for students. The icing on the cake is the immensely competitive fee structure offered by the institutions and the many financial schemes, which makes it a more viable option for students from developing nations such as India. Moreover while other countries insist that students return to their own countries as soon as their studies are completed, Australia welcomes them with open arms. International students are encouraged to stay in the country and work here, and in time even settle down with Permanent Residence. It is hardly surprising that over the last few years, an increasing number of young Indians have made their way to Australia for education and work. Today, the country is filled with men and women from India who form a community of their own, contributing to the nation's progress and also uniting with each other in times of festivities and other occasions.

Moving to another country is a very big decision for anyone. It involves a lot of financial and practical decisions as well as emotional upheavals at the thought of separation from one's country of birth and near and dear ones. Our aim at Aussizz Group is to ensure that at such a delicate moment, our client's documentation and other practical needs are always taken care of. As an organization, our assets are our experienced professionals and counselors who are always ready to offer guidance and recommendations on career options in Australia and the formal requirements of visas to the country. Most of our personnel have studied and worked in Australia and we aim to pepper our consultations with personal insights rather than detached, staid advice. We believe that the world is a playground full of opportunities and with a little help anyone can take a leap towards their fortunes, however far they may seem to be. At Aussizz Group, we help bring the Australian dream to life!

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