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Australian Visa Subclass 189: Skilled independent visa

Posted On: 10-Jul-2013, By: Dharmendra Patel

Skilled independent visaThis skilled independent visa is point based and issued to immigrants to Australia who are neither sponsored by any employer, family member nor territory. Empowered with Visa subclass 189, a migrant to Australia might work and live permanently in this country. Specified family members could also be included in this type of application.


Skilled independent visa subclass 189 is invitational which is received from an employer, territory or family member. As an initial step, an applicant needs to send an ‘expression of interest’ and nominate an occupation or profession as mentioned in ‘skilled select list’. You must not be more than 50 years and not less than 18 years of age as on the date of issuance of this invitation. Proficiency in English language as per the standard set by Department of Immigration and Citizenship is another prerequisite of applying for Australian permanent visa.

You need to be thoroughly proficient in the skill category you intend to get your Australian visa and must be able to score at least 60 in a points test. After receiving an invitation, a candidate has 60 days to send an application. Your process of application for this permanent Australian visa is indicated on this invitation. Application could be made while you are in Australian territory or outside.

Your invitation to 189 subclass visa is subject to claims as indicated in your expression of interest. Information provided in your application must be same as those mentioned in your initial interest expression and substantiated with documentary evidence wherever required. In the event you fail to apply on the first invitation, a second invitation would be sent. Failure to apply even after the second invitation would result in your name being deleted from ‘skill select list’. 

Applying for Subclass 189 Visa

Application for your Australian sub class 189 visa is to be made online. For dependents aged 18 years or more with less than adequate knowledge of English, an additional charge is applicable. This fee is collected before processing of your visa. As stated earlier, applications for this visa is to be supported with documentary proof wherever necessary. Care must be taken that all supportive documents are in English. Documents other than this language need to be translated to English by NAATI (National Accreditation for Translations and Interpreters) before submission. Before submitting an application, it is advisable to get it verified by registered Australian migration agents.

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