IELTS Vs PTE - Some Major Differences

IELTS Vs PTE - Some Major Differences

English / December 19, 2015 /




  • IELTSscore is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by over 8,000 organizations globally. 
  • The Speaking test in IELTS is a conversation with a certified IELTS Examiner which is recorded on an audiocassette or a digital recorder. (there can be certain parameters where a candidate is observed upon body-language and appearance) 
  • In Writing ,Academic, questions are based on a diagram, graph, process or chart, or an argument, which has to be physically written , minimum word requirement are 250 
  • IELTS evaluates the test takers using scores from 1 to 9. 
  • The score reports are received within two weeks 
  • The test duration is for 3 hours which assesses Listening, Reading and Writing, whereas, Speaking is taken pre/post LRW 
  • Comparatively, IELTS can be evasive especially in speaking as there is no integrated format. 



  • PTE Academic scores are accepted by top UK universities and US universities and all across Australia. 
  • PTE Academiccandidates speak into a microphone and the computer captures the audio.  PTE Speaking is evaluated by a computer program. 
  • PTEhas an automated writing scoring. Here minimum words requirement are 200 
  • PTE Academicgrades the students on a scale of 10 to 90 
  • PTE, results are available online in just five days 
  • All the given modules are assessed in a day within 3 hours duration 
  • As the format is integrated, a candidate is evaluated on language skills.




 FAQ for Discord between IELTS & PTE;

  1. How many skills are tested in both the exams?

    Skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking are tested
  2. What are the differences in modules?

    In IELTS: Listening and Reading have fixed pattern, writing more or less is similar in both. Whereas Listening, Reading, and speaking are very integrated in PTE which is an easy gig especially in speaking as no physicality is required
  3. How long the results are valid in both?

    The results are valid for two years.
  4. What accents will be heard in listening areas in both?

    The accents might vary from British to American, the accent will not be troublesome as regular listening of English literature will ensure good understanding.
  5. Which test can help improve English at personal levels?

    None. The given tests are aimed to test language proficiency and any language can be mastered by incorporating rigorous Reading along with that Speaking and listening/watching videos related to the literature
  6. What is the difference in Reading section?

    In IELTS: reading has 3 passages comprised of 700-1000 words each and total questions are 40, whereas in PTE there are 16-20 questions of 4 types and the passages are not more than 200 words. Hence Reading can be more exhaustive in IELTS.
  7. What is the difference in writing section?

    In IELTS , writing task demands 60 mins of which Task 1 is Graph/Letter which requires 150 words minimum and Task-2, Essay writing requiring 250 words. in PTE, the writing task demands maximum 50 mins, where first 2-3 tasks ask for 5 to 75 words, and the Essay require 200 words. Here PTE scores brownie points as writing for major people is not a routine task like reading, speaking and listening.
  8. How are scores calculated?

    In IELTS scoring is done manually and In PTE is automated in the computer system, ensuring fair results comparatively.
  9. Which one of these exams ensures better scores comparatively?

    Scoring is highly on performance and how well a candidate is proficient in language. However the integrated format has slim advantage over IELTS .


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